Quality guarantee 

Quality Assurance
For KONTOVEROS S.A., the high quality assurance that characterizes its products is a nonnegotiable term of its philosophy and operation. In every stage of the process, starting from research to the selection of ingredients up to production, standardization and storage of the final and ready for distribution product, there are strict controls, which aim to preserve the high standards that have been set.







Research & Development
In KONTOVEROS SA, research and development is a priority and one of the most important parameters of its operation, since we want to implement the promise we have given to the consumers for innovative and high quality products.
We develop the expertise in order to appropriately preserve the cooling chain, since frozen fishery products are equal to fresh in nutritional value and taste. Thus, we cooperate with big fishing boats, which have special fridges, aiming to clean and freeze the products inmediately after they are fished. This way the juices, texture and nutritional value of the seafood can be preserved.





KONTOVEROS continuously invests in the improvement of its know-how and technology, thanks to the innovative ideas of its engineers and the advanced technical methods they are using. Every stage of Research & Development, as well as the meticulous performance, resistance, standards and machinery controls are conducted by specialized personnel.







The new facilities of processing and standardization of frozen fishery products in Aspropyrgos applies the following international standards,

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 22000:2005
  • BRCN5
  • FSN5


which are certified by TÜV NORD Group. The company also applies the HACCP system, which certifies the high standards of production and product quality, allowing exports in the international market.

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